Residential HVAC Services


At Price Air HVAC we are your go-to technician for Anaheim AC repair whether you are needing work done at a family home or a large corporate complex. However, we truly do love the opportunity to serve other families in the community. As a family man myself, it was the desire to serve other families with affordable high-quality HVAC solutions that got me into the industry and drove me to start my own business. That is why we put an intense focus on our customer service as we highly value the experience that our customers walk away with after working with us as their HVAC technicians. We do not just do Anaheim AC repair, as we have a wide range of services that we offer our residents so that they never have to look for another HVAC technician again! We understand that finding a contractor you can trust is not always easy and that it really matters to you the character of the individuals that you allow into or around your home. Before calling us, we would love for you to look us up on google so that you can read reviews from real customers and understand how your experience is going to be with Price Air. We are very intentional about serving our customers the very best that we possibly can from our workmanship to our customer service and more!

Commercial HVAC Services

As a small business, we completely understand the importance of having high functioning utilities in your place of work. It can be absolutely detrimental to the company if you experience days in need of Anaheim AC repair, as in the middle of summer your business could shut down without your AC! That is why it is so important to have an HVAC technician that you can count on to get things taken care of quickly and correctly the very first time you call them out! We love the opportunity to get to know other businesses in the community and build relationships with them. Being able to offer them maintenance contracts that allow them to feel confident that their Anaheim AC repair will get done as soon as possible and that ongoing maintenance is taken care of before issues ever occur. When you use Price Air for your commercial HVAC services you can trust that you have an honest and reliable technician that you can count on no matter how large or small the job is!

AC Repair

Living in the gorgeous golden state of California we are blessed to have sunshine nearly year-round! This is perfect for outdoor activities, dining, and events! However, being in the golden state also means that having a properly running and reliable AC system is extremely important to you and your family. The majority of the calls we receive are for Anaheim AC repair and we understand why! When your AC goes out it is never at a convenient time and then trying to catch or prevent issues before they occur is extremely important if you want to avoid being in a tight spot. We understand that a lot of people are hesitant about calling for Anaheim AC repair because it is normally an investment. That is why we offer financing options and also make sure to give multiple solutions to the problem that are custom to fit any budget! Never let the fear of not being able to afford HVAC services keep you from nipping a problem in the bud as neglected HVAC issues often turn into big expensive problems! If you are needing Anaheim AC repair or are wanting preseason maintenance performed to ensure that no repairs arise then we would love for you to give Price Air a call! We promise we will do everything in our power to earn you as a customer for life!

Heater & Furnace Repair

Much less common than Anaheim AC repair is a heater and furnace repair. It is for a simple reason, the golden state just does not get all that cold! However, most homes are equipped with a heater or furnace and rightfully so. Certain times of year and nights can get chilly, without a heater or furnace you and your family may not be comfortable in the place that you call home! We are firm believers that no family deserves to go without proper air quality in their home which is why we are proficient in heater and furnace repairs along with our Anaheim AC repair services. No matter the problem we want you to feel confident that Price Air has the best solution for you! That is why our guys are not just trained in AC services but also are qualified for heater and furnace installation and repairs as well!

Air Quality

When it comes to protecting your home and family we know that you would do absolutely anything! One simple way that we can serve our customers and the community is by offering air quality services! When you have us come out to do Anaheim AC repair we would love for you to ask us about our air quality services. What this does is it purifies the air in your home and helps significantly reduce the dust, germs, viruses, and allergies that live in your ducts. If you have someone in your home who suffers from allergies or is at risk of catching viruses then we would highly recommend you invest in an air quality system. These options are surprisingly affordable and easy to install! No more maintenance then your common Anaheim AC repair and the benefits are endless!

When it comes to keeping your family comfortable and safe that is our top priority as HVAC technicians which is why we offer such a wide range of services to our customers. From residential to commercial work, HVAC repairs and installations, or even air quality. You can count on Price AIr HVAC having the best solutions and options for you! So give us a call today so that we can get you on the books and get your job taken care of ASAP!