About Us

Freddy Delgado, Owner

I was born in Coyuca, a gorgeous small town next to the famous port of Acapulco, Guerrero in Mexico long before I ever dreamed of embarking in a career of Anaheim AC repair. I grew up understanding what hard work really looked like as my father is a fisherman and my mom used to sell the fish at the market. I loved learning and helping them both while also participating in activities like surfing, playing soccer, listening to music, and even dancing which are all very popular pastimes in my hometown. We were quite a large family, me being the second of 8 siblings! Before I even ever dreamt of Anaheim AC repair it was the Island lifestyle with my parents, older brother, and little sister. When I was 5 years old we moved to land so that I could start school along with my siblings, however, we always looked forward to holidays back on that beautiful island that I still call my home. My parents knew that if we wanted something out of this world that we would have to work for it, making sure we stayed in school and worked in the family business during our free time. I am extremely proud and blessed to have had the childhood that I did, it absolutely takes credit to the man I am today!

I moved to the USA when I was just 21 years old. There started my career in Anaheim AC repair as I started DSL classes to learn English alongside earning my GED all while working to support my family. Being married with 4 kids I am driven by the desire to give them the very best life I can possibly provide. This is what has fueled my passion to become the very best Anaheim AC repair technician the Orange County and LA area has to offer. With a background back is 95% installation and repair/service, I have the skills needed to be able to provide the community with the best HVAC solutions while also putting an intense focus on customer service. As a family man, I want to make sure that your family is always safe and comfortable in a has with properly functioning HVAC systems.


How I Got Into the Industry

When I got into the heating and air conditioning business, I had just gotten married, and balancing being a newlywed along with a new career was tough! As I grew my knowledge and started to see how air conditioning systems worked and how it helped the air quality air inside a home, I was amazed. There my love for Anaheim AC repair was born! Of course, the point of having a job is to make money, but why I stayed in this industry is because of the major improvements I was able to make to the places people called home! While I was working in the industry I was going to trade school as well to get my EPA certification and heating and air conditioning certification as a technician. In 2010 I also got my contractor license and from there I went to work for a company as install general manager, learning how to run an Anaheim AC repair business.

Price Air HVAC

In 2014 I started working on my one business, Price Air HVAC. With my background in Anaheim AC repair and my love for interacting with people, I knew that opening up my own company was the right thing to do! It is amazing to wake up every day knowing that I can make a difference in my customers’ lives by giving them great control temperatures in their homes.


Two Reasons Why I Started My Own Company:

  1. Provided a better life for my family and be able to send my kids to the university
  2. Be able to help provide to people improved air quality in their home without breaking the bank


The Vision of the Company

I see Price Air as a way to help provide customers a home that is full of comfort, a place where you immediately experience relief. Having someone you can rely on for Anaheim AC repair allows you to find that perfect temperature to relax and forget about any issues that you encounter during the day. I also love saving customers money on their bills with our Price Air design services that give you in-home weather control. Innovation is one of the ways Price Air is changing the heating and air conditioning industry and with a 100% satisfaction guarantee we make sure to do it right the first time or we go back to fix it. At Price Air, we think honesty, integrity, respect, and doing what is right for everyone should be a common thing. Values that every Anaheim AC repair employee in Price Air is required to have! As we grow it is our promise to you that we will never compromise on our values or the quality in which we provide. It is our mission to be able to provide LA and Orange County HVAC services that are affordable and to your 100% satisfaction. That is why we are driven to extend our reach and grow our team as we know good Anaheim AC repair is hard to come by but absolutely necessary in this California heat!


Why You Should Work Here

At Price Air HVAC our standards are never compromised as we operate our company with the mission to give our customers the best experience possible. When you are needing Anaheim AC repair we know that you need your technician to show up on time, be friendly, explain the issue, and give you the best solution. We put an intense focus on the customer service in which we provide and do not tolerate any disrespect from our employees. We treat our customers home better than our own and make sure that workmanship along with the parts that we use is of the highest quality. Because we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we do not tolerate employees that do faulty work or put bandaids over problems instead of providing solutions. If you are positive, hard-working, and customer service focused then prepare to start your Anaheim AC repair career with Price Air today!